Few People Realize There’s An Active Volcanic Field Right Here In Nevada

When you think of volcanos, Nevada isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind. Instead, you might think of Hawaii’s iconic volcanic landscape or Washington’s famous Mount Saint Helens eruption. However, there are regions of Nevada where volcanic activity can be found, and one of them is incredibly active. In fact, this volcanic field has been used by humans for generations. You may have even visited it yourself without even realizing that you were on top of an active volcanic field! Keep reading to learn all about this hot spot of geothermal activity and where you’ll find it in our state.

Did you know that Steamboat Springs was located on an active volcanic field? When you put it like that, it sounds pretty intense! Check out another unique destination when you read about This Geologic Wonder In Nevada That Looks Completely Otherworldly.

Address: Steamboat Springs, Nevada 89511, USA