Are you currently feeling the need for some relaxation? If so, Nevada has you covered! Nevada is home to several upscale resorts with luxurious spas, but kicking off your boots and soaking in one of the Silver State’s steamy hot springs takes relaxation to another level. This hot spring in Nevada is definitely next-level; will you visit? Here’s why you ought to:

With more than 300 naturally occurring hot springs scattered throughout Nevada, nothing compares to Goldstrike Canyon Hot Springs. This picturesque hot spring area is located within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in a fabulous narrow valley near the Colorado River. So, what makes Goldstrike Canyon Hot Springs one of the best hot spring areas in the Silver State? Well, for starters, it’s one of Nevada’s top hiking spots. As a matter of fact, the only way to reach the springs is by a vigorous hike or a boat – which is considered dangerous and not recommended.

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After hiking Goldstrike Canyon for approximately two miles, you’ll start seeing water. The last half of the hike requires boulder scrambling with several drop-offs. After making your way through the boulders, you’ll eventually reach the hot spring sources. Continue your way through the canyon and you’ll eventually come across a large pool.

Small waterfalls and smaller pools also surround this area. These pools (hot springs) range in temperature from 70 to 144 degrees, and many are deep enough for bathing and even swimming.

Keep in mind, visiting these hot springs involves a lot of walking, bouldering, and climbing. You’ll need to be in great physical shape if you plan to check out these springs. We know what you’re probably thinking: “Why visit these hot springs if I have to go through such a vigorous hike to get to them?” The answer is pretty simple; you’ll not only get to experience one of the best hikes Nevada has to offer, but you’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment when you finally take a dip into one of the canyon’s incredibly relaxing hot springs.

For a fantastic, firsthand look at what you can expect while visiting Goldstrike Canyon Hot Springs, check out this video:

So, are you up for visiting Goldstrike Canyon Hot Springs? Have you ever hiked this canyon before? Do you have any plans to visit this amazing hot spring in Nevada? If so, share your experience(s) with us in the comments, as well as your plans!

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