The Quirky Hot Springs Resort In Nevada You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Visiting

Nevada definitely contains its fair share of hot springs so deciding which one to visit next can be tricky. That’s where we come in. There’s an especially unique hot spring resort located in the northern region of the state and it’s begging for a visit. Not only is the resort’s hot spring pools absolutely heavenly, but it turns out they have a rich history as well. In fact, people have been flocking to this resort as early as the 1850s. Mark Twain himself is believed to be responsible for the resort’s name! All in all, this resort is an iconic destination in Nevada and it should be on everybody’s radar. Check it out:

Did you know the unique story behind this hot springs resort? Nevada has so many hot springs, it’s hard to decide which one to visit first! Check out our list of 7 Hot Springs In Nevada You Can Still Visit In WInter for more heavenly destinations like this one.