The Cave Skeletons of A Giant Human Race In Nevada Still Baffle Archaeologists To This Day

Everyone loves a good legend, and Nevada has a tale of gigantic proportions! The story starts with a lone cave on a mountain in the middle of the desert, and in this cave once lived giants! While some may disagree and call this story hogwash, others are deeply invested and believe that giants once roamed the state. Today, archeologists and scientists from around the world continue to struggle with this mystery. However, read on to decide if the giants of Lovelock Cave in Nevada were real for yourself.

Today, the debate continues on whether the ancient people who once lived in Lovelock Cave were actually giants. See it for yourself! Visit Lovelock Cave to step into the legend and the mystery of Nevada’s giants.

What do you believe? Do you think giants once roamed the area? Tell us your theories below, as well as if you know of any other interesting destinations in Nevada!

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