16 Undeniable Habits That No Nebraskan Can Ever Unlearn

If you grew up in Nebraska, you learned some pretty important life lessons early on. Those lessons developed into habits, and those habits are pretty hard to break. Even if we end up leaving home later on in life, these things tend to stick with us forever. Here are few of the most common Nebraska traditions we pride ourselves in.

Obviously, we don’t share all of the same habits – we’re individuals, after all – and these habits aren’t exclusive to Nebraskans. But we think it’s safe to say that these will at least sound familiar to all of us! What are the other habits you’ve learned in Nebraska that you’ll never unlearn? Do you know any other Nebraska traditions? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Want to read even more about life in Nebraska? Check out our list of things every Nebraskan does at least once. And for some quirky information about our great state, check out our list of the best fun facts about Nebraska.

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Life In Nebraska

May 12, 2023

What are some fun facts about Nebraska?

Here are some Nebraska fun facts:

  • Edwin E. Perkins invented Kool-Aid in Hastings in 1927.
  • The state was once called "The Great American Desert."
  • Nebraska has more miles of rivers than any other state.
  • Nebraska is home to the world's largest indoor rainforest, The Lied Jungle at Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Nebraska is home to the largest hand-planted forest, Halsey National Forest.
  • The 9-1-1 emergency system was created in Nebraska.


What kind of food is Nebraska known for?

These are the most famous foods in Nebraska:

  • Rocky Mountain oysters (which aren't really oysters at all!)
  • Dorothy Lynch dressing -- a delicious condiment that we put on everything -- from fries to vegetables
  • Raisin Pie -- a delicious dessert that you have to try at least once
  • Cheese frenchees -- Often spelled 'frenchys', these are deep-fried grilled cheese sandwiches that are indulgent and delicious.
  • Reuben sandwiches -- This beloved sandwich was invented here in Nebraska!
  • Cheeseburger pizza -- Though it may sound weird, it's a winning combination.
  • Butter brickle ice cream -- This is another Nebraska invention that's sweet and salty.
  • Runzas -- This yeast dough bread pocket is typically filled with beef, cabbage, and sauerkraut.


What are the most famous attractions in Nebraska?

The most famous attractions in Nebraska are:

  • Arbor Lodge State Historical Park, Nebraska City
  • Ash Hollow State Historical Park, Lewellen
  • Boys Town
  • Captain Meriwether Lewis Dredge, Brownville
  • Fort Atkinson, Fort Calhoun
  • Fort Robinson, near Crawford
  • Robidoux Pass, near Gering