7 Perfectly Preserved Prairies In Nebraska That Will Take You Back In Time

At one time, most of Nebraska was covered with thick, lush, wild prairie. As settlers tamed the land and molded it to their own uses, the landscape changed and much of the prairie land disappeared. There are many places in the state, however, where the wild Nebraska prairie has either been preserved throughout the years or lovingly and carefully restored to the way it would have looked when the first European settlers ventured into it.

This is by no means a complete list of all of the restored prairie land in Nebraska. There are many larger and smaller parcels, all cared for by people who value the historical and natural value of this unique ecosystem. The seven below make up the properties managed by the Prairie Plains Resource Institute, an organization that has pioneered the preservation and management of natural prairie lands.

Together, these seven preserves encompass 5800 acres. They are maintained as exceptional examples of the North American grassland ecosystem, made available to the public as a way to connect with nature and with our state’s unique history. These are some of our most stunning natural places, and we highly recommend getting out to visit each of them.

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