The One Place In Nebraska That Looks Like Something From Middle Earth

In the Lord of the Rings books, Middle Earth is described as a sort of verdant paradise, where everything (with a few notable exceptions, of course) is lush and green and peaceful. When the movies came out, they did a great job of visually recreating those places we readers had so vividly imagined.

It may seem like a stretch to say that any place in Nebraska could match the rolling emerald hills of the Shire or the intense forests and sweeping plains found elsewhere in Middle Earth (or New Zealand, where the movies were filmed). But Olson Nature Preserve in Boone County – near Albion – offers a Nebraska version of Middle Earth.

There are so many spectacular places in Nebraska that I wonder if it’s possible to enjoy them all in one lifetime. Olson Nature Preserve should be on your must-visit list, whether or not you’ve already been there.

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