A Massive Candy Store In Nebraska, Hollywood Candy Will Take You Back To Childhood

There’s just something about walking into a candy store that is both nostalgic and exciting. The anticipation of that sweet goodness hitting your tongue is enough to send anyone into a little happy dance. There’s a candy store in Omaha that caters to candy lovers of all kinds – whether you’re looking for candy from your childhood, the newest flavors, or an enormous sack of jellybeans. If you’re a kid or a kid at heart who happens to have a sweet tooth, you are sure to fall in love with the very best candy store in Nebraska.

Hollywood Candy is connected to Fairmont Antiques & Mercantile, where tons of vendors sell some of the most awesome vintage treasures you’ll ever see in one place. The best candy store in Nebraska fits in perfectly at this nostalgic destination.

While a visit to Hollywood Candy will definitely leave you much lighter in the wallet, it’s completely worth it. You can find them at 1209 Jackson St., Omaha NE, 68102. If you have ever visited Hollywood Candy, share your thoughts (and photos) in the comments!

For more information, visit the Hollywood Candy website.

If you can’t get to Hollywood for your sugar fix, check out these 11 candy stores in Nebraska that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth.

Address: 1209 Jackson St, Omaha, NE 68102, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Best Candy Store In Nebraska

February 02, 2020

What is the best homemade candy in Nebraska?

The Cornhusker State might not appear to be a sweet tooth’s dream from the outside looking in, but locals can tell you all about what they consider to the finest of the many nostalgic stores in Nebraska. Locals love candy shops in particular, and a trip along our chocolate trail will take you to some of the best candy in Nebraska. Hand-crafted chocolates are practically a local specialty, but admittedly, Nebraskans just love candy in general. If your own sweet tooth is begging for more, you should add Baker’s Candies to your bucket list.

What other massive stores can I find in Nebraska?

With 77,358 square miles of landscape, there’s a lot of space in The Cornhusker State for incredible stores to quietly blend in. If you’re in search of a massive store in Nebraska to kill a few hours in, you’ll be pleased to know that we have quite a few places of interest. It’s always Christmas at the massive Something Special by Marilyn store, and From Nebraska Gift Shop is a great place to grab all sorts of state-themed goods.

Are there any local toy stores in Nebraska?

There are! It seems that many small towns have their own businesses worth bragging about, including Toys From The Past and Fat Brain Toys. Though it’s not a store, The Pedal Clinic is a must-see destination if you are a fan of vintage toys. The Imaginarium is another incredible local landmark – it’s an antique store filled to the brim with incredible finds. It’s a nostalgic walk down memory lane as well, as you truly never know what you’ll find amidst their collections.

Address: 1209 Jackson St, Omaha, NE 68102, USA