Hi-Way Diner Is An Unassuming Spot In Nebraska That Doesn’t Look Like Much, But The Food Is Unforgettable

Have you ever picked up a book or opened a gift that looked, well, pretty darn plain from the outside? Maybe you felt a bit of a lump in your throat, sure that disappointment awaited. Then you were surprised at the awesomeness of that book or gift. The same might be said for unassuming restaurants. Hi-Way Diner in Nebraska, for example, doesn’t boast a flashy exterior and might be described as rather unassuming. However, once you take that first bite, you’re likely to become a guest for life.

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Have you been to the Hi-Way Diner in Nebraska? What’s your favorite meal on the menu? Let us know in the comments! Next time you’re craving a hearty helping of the most authentic soul food in the state, make your way to Quick Bites Soul Food in Bellevue.

Address: Hi-Way Diner, 2105 NE-2, Lincoln, NE 68502, USA