The Best Lunches In Nebraska Are Tucked Inside This Unassuming Meat Market

The western Nebraska city of Bridgeport is pretty small at just 1400 people, but it’s got plenty of character. It’s also got a meat market that people flock to, not only for its premium cuts of meat but for prepared lunches and even gifts. This unusual business is the type of place that could only exist in Nebraska, and we think you’ll want to check it out.

Whether you’re looking for ingredients for dinner tonight, a quick and hearty lunch, or a special item to surprise a loved one, you’ll want to give this small-town gem a visit. Take a look at 385 Meat Market’s Facebook page to keep up on daily specials and news.

Want to check out another hidden gem near Bridgeport? Courthouse and Jail Rocks certainly aren’t a secret to folks to live in the area, but visitors always seem surprised to see these large rock formations.

Address: 914 Main St, Bridgeport, NE 69336, USA