Here’s The Ultimate Terrifying Nebraska Road Trip And It’ll Haunt Your Dreams (Part 2)

Not long ago, we gave you a road map to a terrifying road trip through eastern Nebraska. Now we’re moving a little further west in the state to send you on another trip through some of Nebraska’s most haunted places. This trip is about twice as long as part one, and it begins and ends at hotels (both haunted, of course). But you can make the trip in whatever way suits you: start in the middle, only visit one or two, or do the complete trip over a weekend. You can view and edit the road trip map here to make the journey truly your own. (Check out Part 3 of our Terrifying Road Trip here.)

There are a number of interesting side trips you can take while on this trip; haunted bridges, graves, and buildings abound in this part of the state. Know of any particularly great spots? Add them to the trip by leaving a comment! Look out in the coming weeks for the third and final installment of our ultimate terrifying road trip through Nebraska.