Few People Know This Charming Small Town In Nebraska Is Right On The 100th Meridian

If you’ve ever heard that mid-Nebraska is “where the West begins,” you should know that it’s not just a fun saying. The 100th meridian, a theoretical longitudinal line passing through the U.S., marks the spot where the arid western part of the country meets the more moist and humid eastern part. Today, the 100th meridian passes right through the little Nebraska town of Cozad.

There are lots of other terrific places to visit in the little town of Cozad, including an original Pony Express station and a museum dedicated to artist and former Cozad resident Robert Henri. Nearby, Gallagher Canyon State Recreation Area is one of the most beautiful underrated natural spots in the state. Make a whole day of it and enjoy everything the middle of Nebraska has to offer!

Address: Cozad, NE 69130, USA