This Charming Nebraska Town Is Picture Perfect For An Autumn Day Trip

There’s no better time than autumn to take a day trip in Nebraska. There are so many sweet little towns that are just waiting to be explored, each with its own personality and atmosphere. This one in western Nebraska is the perfect place to spend a cool autumn day.

Ok, you may think we’re pushing it by calling this a day trip. If you only have one day to spend in and near Crawford, pick and choose the places that are most interesting to you. Or how about you make it a long weekend and visit everything? There are even more incredible places in the area than those discussed here, especially if you widen your traveling radius. With several lodging options in the area, your day trip might even turn into a whole week of exploring this unique, historic, and vastly interesting part of Nebraska. Share some pictures with us when you make the trip!

Do you need more convincing? Here’s why Nebraska’s panhandle region is such a great place to visit.

Address: Crawford, NE 69339, USA