The One Place In Nebraska Where Christmas Trees Go To Die

Now that the holidays are over and we’re all starting to settle back into real life, we’re dealing with the real-world leftovers of our festivities. There are still cardboard boxes waiting to be taken out with the recycling (at my house, anyway) and, if it hasn’t already, the Christmas tree will soon need to be taken down. If you’re in the Omaha area and had a natural tree this year, you may be able to give it a second life.

Although this video is from the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and not the Omaha Zoo, it’s an adorable example of how donated trees might be used. Some animals, like elephants, eat the trees to supplement their diets.

Natural, untreated, clean trees will be accepted through January 8th at the northwest corner of the zoo parking lot. For more information on donating your tree, follow this link to the zoo’s website.

While you’re there dropping off your tree, why not stay a while and see some of the zoo’s many fascinating exhibits? For a small sample of what you can see there, check out our previous features on the aquarium’s underwater tunnel, the impressive desert dome, and Durham TreeTops restaurant.