Here Are The Top 12 Christmas Towns In Nebraska. They’re Magical.

Christmas in Nebraska is an enchanting experience. Almost every town and city has an annual event or two for residents and visitors to celebrate the colorful joy of the season. While this list is far from exhaustive, these are some of the most-loved Christmas celebrations in the state – in no particular order. Here are our picks for some of the best Christmas towns in Nebraska:

12. North Platte

North Platte celebrates Christmas at Buffalo Bill Cody’s mansion. Every room is dressed up in sparkling lights and beautiful decorations; as you walk through the home you’ll encounter Santa, Buffalo Bill, live entertainment, and some delicious Christmas treats. Outside, carolers and horse-drawn rides round out the experience. Get more details here!

We know that there are a ton more Christmas celebrations and beautifully-decorated Christmas towns in Nebraska. If you know of any great ones that you’d like to share, please post the details in the comments or on our Facebook page so other readers can attend as well! What are your plans for this holiday season? Will you be visiting one of these NE Christmas towns?

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Best Christmas Towns in Nebraska

November 24, 2021

What are the best places to spend Christmas in Nebraska?  

Nebraska is one of those states that really, really loves its holiday season, and it takes it all very seriously! As a result, there are so many options for fun and magical things to do and see and experience, and some towns even transform themselves into entire Christmas villages! In fact, we once put together an epic holiday road trip filled with some of our state’s most amazing Christmas towns.

Among our picks for the best places to spend Christmas in Nebraska are places like North Platte, a town that loves going all-out for the holiday festivities year after year, and Minden – which is literally known as Nebraska’s “Christmas City”! Seward and Nebraska City are also amazing during the holiday season; somewhere between the amazing lights, the smell of fireplaces burning, and the friendly folks who live in these places, one can find the ultimate Christmas town in Nebraska.  

What is Nebraska at Christmas like?  

Nebraska may not be one of those places folks think of when they try to imagine Christmastime magic, but perhaps they should. The entire state becomes a beacon of goodwill and full hearts; folks in Nebraska are already a little nicer than in most places, but during Christmas, they take on a kind softness that’s even more wonderful. You’ll find all kinds of family-friendly things to do, like checking out the amazing lights displays in towns like Minden, North Platte, Omaha, Grand Island, and Lincoln.

Of course, that short list is nowhere near complete; it seems like anywhere you turn, you’re sure to find holiday cheer in the beautiful state of Nebraska. Plus, your chances of experiencing a white Christmas are pretty decent; Nebraska sees, on average, about 28.3 inches of snow per year; if you’re a fan of the cold, you’ll love it, too! Temperatures during winter average between 10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit during the chilliest times.