Nebraska may be best known for its steak, but there’s another classic dish that most of us grew up eating: fried chicken. Particularly for those of us who grew up on farms where chickens were part of the farm family, fried chicken was a special treat that was always cooked fresh (as in, the chicken was alive and clucking around the yard mere hours earlier) and usually served after church on Sundays. If you walked into Grandma’s house and heard that oil popping, you knew you were in for a treat. Today we can enjoy this treat even if we don’t raise chickens. These are some of the best places in Nebraska to enjoy a nice, juicy, crispy fried chicken meal.

(As usual, we try to stay away from chain restaurants and focus on locally-owned businesses. The restaurants below are listed in no particular order.)

This list is definitely not exhaustive – there are so many other restaurants in Nebraska serving homestyle fried chicken that tastes like home. If you don’t see your favorite here, don’t fret; just add it in the comments so other readers can find and enjoy it, too.

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