This Senseless Murder In A Nebraska Town Is Unsolved To This Day

Just outside of Hastings you’ll find a memorial for a very special Nebraska celebrity. His name was Andy, and he was an inspiration to people across the world. But Andy wasn’t an entertainer or a politician; Andy was a humble goose.

Jan and Ed Fowler of Holdrege donated the above monument to celebrate the life of Andy the Footless Goose. The inscription reads:

“Andy” the footless goose. Born without webs and toes. Unable to walk and swim properly was put on the road again by his master who installed size “0” baby shoes on “Andy” and then taught him to walk.

“Andy” was an inspiration to thousands of handicapped children across the U.S.A. and foreign countries to try a little harder and don’t give up. Make another try.

“Andy” was in Readers Digest, People Magazine and many others. “Andy” was also on the Johnny Carson television show.

Andy was a gentle soul who didn’t deserve the horrible fate he met with. His isn’t the only unusual tale to come out of Nebraska; check out these five other odd stories from the Cornhusker State.