The Natural Swimming Hole In Montana That Will Take You Back To The Good Ole Days

If you grew up in Montana, there’s a pretty good chance you preferred natural watering holes to public pools for cooling off on a hot day. For an unforgettable adventure, you’ll want to plan a trip to Devil’s Glen. Montana is home to several natural swimming holes, and this is one of them. To reach Devil’s Glen, a beautiful natural swimming hole in Montana, you’ll follow a five-mile trail near Augusta.

A hike and a swim at Devil’s Glen is practically a guarantee of a perfect day. However, if you’d prefer a more man-made adventure, you can always check out Woodland Water Park in Kalispell.

Address: Devils Glen, Montana 59648, USA
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July 28, 2022

What are three of the best swimming holes in Montana that you might not already know about?

There are many swimming holes in Montana. While some of them are quite popular, many of them aren’t, unless you’re a local. Listed below are three swimming holes in Montana that you might not already know about. And if you do, then you already know how wonderful they are.

1. Ackley Lake

Ackley Lake is the main feature of Montana’s Ackley Lake State Park in Hobson. It’s also a great spot to go swimming on a hot day. The lake is also surrounded by lots of beautiful natural scenery.

2. Holland Lake

Holland Lake is located within the Flathead National Forest area and is a great place for a swim. Most people who stay at the Holland Lake Campground swim in this lake.

3. Tally Lake

On the bank of Tally Lake is the Tally Lake Campground in Whitefish. This Montana campground has a beach area that’s perfect for taking a swim.

What natural swimming hole in Montana is also the state’s clearest lake?

Montana is filled with several natural swimming holes. One of the best ones is Flathead Lake. What makes Flathead Lake such a great place to swim is the fact that it’s the clearest lake in Montana. With more than 200 square miles of water and around 185 miles of shoreline, Flathead Lake is also the largest natural freshwater lake that’s located west of the Mississippi River. If you ever get a chance to swim in Montana’s Flathead Lake, please take advantage of it. Not only will you be swimming in the best lake water around, but you’ll also get to enjoy all of the beautiful surrounding scenery that truly defines Montana. Flathead Lake is just one example of the many beautiful places in Montana. And for anyone who’s never visited this lake, it certainly belongs on your bucket list.

Address: Devils Glen, Montana 59648, USA