The Truth Behind This Abandoned Missouri Castle Is Captivating

The ruins of what was meant to be a magnificent castle stood atop a bluff in St. Louis County overlooking the Mississippi River. 30-foot walls, a sunken stone pool, sunken gardens, and the wide steps of the grand stone staircase remained for years, slowly crumbling and being retaken by nature and vandals. Other features, such as the gargoyles that once perched on top of the castle walls have long been gone. The plans were grand, but never completed, for what was going to be a structure rivaling the mansion built by August A. Bush Sr. at Grant’s Farm.

Let’s take a look around, shall we?

The land now belongs to Union Electric. As of 2012, the remains have been cleaned up and maintained to prevent further deterioration, and they have installed security measures and cameras. It has also been recently rumored to have been demolished.

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