Nature Is Reclaiming This One Abandoned Missouri Spot And It’s Actually Amazing

In 2000, Bob Cassilly purchased the 55-acre site where a cement plant once operated. He had a vision to create a unique amusement park with ramps, bridges and tunnels where even adults could play like kids. He called it Cementland, and he spent the following 11 years working to turn his visionary idea into reality.

Sadly, Mr. Cassilly was killed in an accident on the property in 2011. The site has been abandoned ever since. Nature is reclaiming the area. Metal has rusted, standing water pools on the grounds and weeds are growing up through the broken, cracked cement. Check out these photos taken and posted on Flickr by Paul Sableman.

It’s too bad that Bob Cassilly didn’t live to complete his visionary project. What do you think should happen to Cementland now?