Road trips are a blast, and what better way to tour your state than trying out local restaurants! There’s nothing particularly fancy about this food journey.  A lot of these places are in small towns and feature simple, home-style menus. One thing they all have in common is absolutely delicious food! You can stay where you are after dinner, or drive closer to the next day’s breakfast location. In truth, the drive time is relatively short, so you’ll often have time to wander around and see the sights between meals. No diets allowed! Here’s a link to the Google Map for this trip which we think is one of our best restaurant road trips in Missouri.

Not only have we supported some local businesses but we have also experienced the beauty of southern Missouri along the way. Are you ready for one of the best restaurant road trips in Missouri? Comment if you’ve been to any of the locations along the route.

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Restaurant Road Trips In Missouri

What are some of the best restaurants in Missouri?

It’s no secret that Missouri has some incredible restaurants, so we compiled a list of some of the best. If you’re a foodie who loves to dine at the most highly-rated restaurants in the Show-Me State, take a look at our article, Bring Your Appetite To These 18 Best Restaurants In Missouri. This should help you add to your culinary bucket list.

What are some must-visit attractions in Missouri?

Sometimes you just have to visit s strange roadside attraction that can only be found in the state. Take, for example, Boathenge in Columbia. Picture Stonehenge but replace the rocks with boats. It’s quite a mysterious and fascinating thing to see! Another attraction that may be fun to see is the World’s Largest Spool of Thread in the town of Hamilton which is known as the Quilting Capital of the World.

What are some hidden gem restaurants I should visit in Missouri?

The state has plenty of lesser-known restaurants that are worthy of finding like Sybill’s in the rural town of St. James. This elegant restaurant has a variety of cuisine from healthy to fried, sure to satisfy everyone who walks through its doors. Located in Branson, Fall Creek Steak and Catfish House offers some of the best rolls you will ever have as well as excellent entrees. You will absolutely love dining here!