The Humble Little Restaurant Missourians Are Quietly Obsessed With

A few weeks ago, we asked our followers on Instagram to tell us about their favorite restaurant in Missouri. We were flooded with favorites, but one small town restaurant kept being mentioned. Followers from all over the state raved about the delicious salads, warm atmosphere, creative entrees, well stocked bar, and indulgent desserts. The Hawthorne Inn is one restaurant Missourians are quietly obsessed with and for good reason, it’s amazing!

Have you been to The Hawthorne Inn? What did you order? Tell us about your dining experience in the comments below!

There are endless great dining options in the Show Me State. However, there’s only a handful of establishments in Missouri who can claim to have completely changed the culinary world. This small establishment is credited for the creation of burnt ends and you’re going to want to try theirs!