Get Ready To Bundle Up, The Farmers’ Almanac is Predicting Freezing Cold Temperatures This Winter In Missouri

Brace yourself, Missouri. We’re in for a doozy of a winter, one that the Farmers’ Almanac admits is perfect for hibernating. While the snow-covered landscape can certainly take our breath away, chances are the bitter temperatures will accomplish that this year. The Farmers’ Almanac winter weather forecast for Missouri warns that it’s going to be a “hibernation zone, snow-filled” winter in 2022-2023.

Are you already preparing for winter in Missouri? What do you think about the Farmers’ Almanac winter weather forecast for Missouri? Join the conversation in the comments! Now is probably also a good time to get a refresher on the 10 ways to survive a Missouri winter.

Address: Missouri, USA

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Winter In Missouri

September 01, 2022

What can I expect from winter in Missouri?

Winter in Missouri can be quite the mixed bag, as evidenced in the Farmers’ Almanac winter weather forecast for 2022-2023. You’ll probably want to prepare for winter in Missouri ahead of time, making sure your car is in good shape, and the tires are sturdy enough for the upcoming season. Don’t forget to add winter and emergency supplies – a scraper, an extra blanket, and extra layers – to your trunk, too, just in case you get stuck this winter. Snow isn’t the only challenge we face during the winter in Missouri. Floods are common in the coldest season of the year, and freezing rain can create dangerous black ice. Before you head out on the road after a snowfall or on an icy morning, make sure your vehicle’s windows are clear of ice and of snow. Snow on the roof can easily fall off of your vehicle and onto another vehicle, causing serious injury or death.

What are some fun things to do in Missouri in winter?

Missouri transforms into a winter wonderland after a fresh snowfall. Sometimes we just want to snuggle up under the covers with a hot drink and watch the snow tumble down while others we want to get out and take advantage of the fresh powder. We have so much to do in winter in Missouri – from sledding and skiing to tubing and ice skating. A picture-perfect way to spend a winter afternoon in Missouri is on a scenic horseback ride, with a stroll through the Kansas City Zoo or the Saint Louis Zoo, or on a breathtaking hike. For some of the most stunning views of the winter landscape, follow the Lone Wolf Trail at Castlewood State Park. Tallying just over 1.5 miles, the meandering path offers the opportunity to see local wildlife, and…wait until you see the Meramec River sprinkled in snow.

Address: Missouri, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.