Natural beauty surrounds us in Missouri. Some of that beauty we can find just by looking around us while other gorgeous parts of the landscape require a little more effort to reach. Arguably boasting the bluest water in the state, Blue Spring in Missouri sits tucked among greenery and chiseled bluffs, easily reached on just a short trail. While it may be hidden from view, it’s certainly well-known among Missourians! Come see one of the most amazing natural wonders in Missouri.

Come along for an adventure exploring Blue Spring in 4k:

Do you agree that Blue Spring in Missouri has the bluest water in the state? Have you visited this gorgeous body of water? Let us know in the comments! If it’s clear water you like, you’ll definitely want to plan to spend time at the Black River.

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Blue Water in Missouri

  1. Where can I find springs with blue water in Missouri? 

There are lots of places in Missouri with beautiful, sparkling clear water that often reflects the sky, making it appear blue in hue – but there are only a few springs with literal blue water in Missouri, and one of those is the appropriately-named Blue Spring. You’ll find it near the town of Eminence, and it tends to attract a lot of attention from locals and visitors alike thanks to its remarkably unique appearance.  

  1. Why is Blue Spring in Missouri colored blue? 

This incredible natural wonder in Missouri owes its brilliant appearance to both its mineral content and its sheer depth; it’s 310 feet deep, making it the single deepest spring in the entire state. As for the mineral content, Blue Spring contains dissolved limestone and dolomite as a by-product thanks to the constant erosion going on.  

  1. What are some of the best hikes at the Rocky Creek Conservation Area? 

With more than 40,000 amazing acres of natural wonders, the Rocky Creek Conservation Area is home to four amazing hiking trails. They are:  

  • The Rocky Falls Shut-In Trail – This trek is very short, at just 0.1 miles in length, but it leads to some of the most blissfully beautiful places in the entire park.  
  • The Blue Spring Trail – This hike is just over three miles long and outrageously beautiful. It’s the trail you’ll want to take if you’re seeking the stunning Blue Springs.  
  • The Powder Mills To Rocky Falls Trail – This hike is for more experienced hikers and comes in at 10.4 miles in length. It’s worth the effort, we promise!  
  • The Ozark Trail (Current River Section) - This epic, 29.2-mile hike is part of the much longer Ozark Trail and runs right through the park!  

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