Ranked One Of The Best Kid-Friendly Hikes In Missouri, Have Fun Exploring This Waterfall Trail In Branson

Kids get bored. Even with a house full of toys and technology, kids and boredom eventually collide. Before your kiddos hit that point of boredom, pile the whole family in the car and set your GPS for Branson, where you’ll find one of the best kid-friendly hikes in Missouri, according to All Trails. The popular hiking website, in fact, released its picks for the best kid-friendly trails in Missouri. Even if you’re not near Branson, you can find a trail nearby the whole family will love.

What are your favorite kid-friendly hikes in Missouri? Let us know in the comments! If the kids love hiking, here are 10 one-mile kid-friendly hiking trails to check out.

Address: 1902 Roark Valley Rd, Branson, MO 65616, USA
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Best Hikes In Missouri

March 10, 2022

What are the best kid-friendly hiking trails in Missouri?

Kids getting bored being stuck in the house all of the time? Or maybe they just need a change of scenery? Fortunately, we’ve got a ton of kid-friendly hiking trails in Missouri, and many of them measure just a mile or less. Explore Parkville Nature Center along Old Kate Trail, which clocks in at just .08 of a mile. You’ll cross over picturesque bridges and streams. Engine House Ruins Trail at Elephant Rocks State Park tallies 1.4 miles and leads to fascinating ruins, the perfect prelude to a visit to the iconic rocks themselves. Cave Springs Park in Kansas City promises plenty of adventure with caves and other ruins dotting the trails.

Where can I find scenic hikes in Missouri?

We live in such a gorgeous place that no matter where you travel, you’ll find beautiful, scenic hikes in Missouri. If you’re a fan of waterfalls, you’ll definitely want to add Mina Sauk Falls Trail, Sandstone Canyon Trail, and Rocky Falls Shut-Ins Trail to your hiking bucket list. Or, explore Missouri’s very own Grand Canyon on the Interpretive Loop Trail at Grand Gulf State Park. Mooner’s Hollow Trail boasts a ton of scenic beauty – wildflowers, waterfalls, and footbridges. Don’t forget to bring your camera and plenty of water no matter what path you set off on and no matter the season.

Are there many easy hikes in Missouri?

Missouri’s bursting with easy hikes that are perfect for bringing the kiddos and the pups along or for trekking on your own, if you need a bit of alone time. At just under two miles, the Trail Through Time Trail wanders through Pickle Springs Natural Area and boasts a ton of natural beauty, including unique rock formations. The Long Trail, on the other hand, tallies 1.6 miles and will take you on a journey through Springfield Nature Center. If you’re up for a bit of a longer path, follow the nearly four-mile Devil’s Ice Box Trail that features a 63-foot high natural tunnel.

Address: 1902 Roark Valley Rd, Branson, MO 65616, USA