Blueberry season has got to be the sweetest thing about summertime in Mississippi. Juicy and delicious, the vibrantly hued berries are well deserving of being referred to as nature’s candy. And while stores around the state have bountiful portions of blueberries, there’s nothing quite like visiting the state’s you-pick farms. Blueberry picking is truly the perfect way to spend a summer day. And luckily, Mississippi has several you-pick farms to visit during blueberry season. Let’s see if there is a blueberry farm near you in Mississippi.


So, what do you think? Is blueberry season the best part of summer? Did you know about the other you-pick farms mentioned above? Have you ever visited any of them? If so, what’d you think? Know of another great place to visit during blueberry season? Tell us all about your favorite blueberry farm near you in Mississippi with a comment!

Looking for another place to stock up on farm-fresh goods? Then you’re sure to love these farm markets in Mississippi.

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More places to get Mississippi blueberries

Aside from blueberry picking, what are some other ways to enjoy blueberry season in Mississippi?

Other ways to enjoy the blueberry season in Mississippi include:

  • The Blueberry Jubilee, Poplarville, MS: Blueberry picking isn’t the only way to celebrate the blueberry season in Mississippi. An annual favorite, The Blueberry Jubilee, which takes place the second Saturday in June of each year, features an arts and crafts fair, live entertainment, a car show, plenty of blueberries, and lots more.
  • Red, White, And Blueberry Festival,  Ocean Springs, MS: This festival is another annual favorite that pops up every year during blueberry season. Held in downtown Ocean Springs, the event features vendors selling antiques, crafts, fresh produce, and plenty of blueberry products as well as open houses for downtown businesses. The real cherry on top, though, is the fact that attendees are treated to free vanilla ice cream topped with blueberries or strawberries.


Are there any other you-pick farms in Mississippi?

Other U-Pick farms in Mississippi include:


The you-pick farms above aren’t the only places in the state where you can pick your own fruits and veggies. There are quite a few you-pick farms in Mississippi including Charlie’s U-Pik. Promising a “pickin’ good time,” the Wiggins farm is one of the only places in the state where you can pick your own strawberries. The farm also carries a variety of pre-picked produce.

Is a blueberry farm the only place to find fresh berries in Mississippi?

The state’s blueberry farms aren’t the only place to stock up on fresh blueberries. Farm markets produce stands, and general stores throughout the state carry an assortment of locally grown fruits and veggies. Donna’s Produce #6 is one such place. Located along Highway 49 in Florence, the store is stocked with fresh fruits and veggies as well as an array of other locally produced goods including honey, jam, jelly, pickles, relish, boiled peanuts, homemade ice cream, fudge, and lots more.

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