Overall, Mississippi is pretty safe. But at one time it was actually home to one of the nation’s most dangerous places – Natchez Under-the-Hill. Once referred to as the “resort of the damned,” the most dangerous district in Mississippi was full of bars, brothels, gaming establishments, and some of the nation’s worst outlaws. Read on to learn more about Natchez Under-the-Hill and its history as one of the rowdiest and most dangerous places in Mississippi. So whether you’re wondering, “Is Natchez Mississippi safe” or simply looking to learn more about one of the most historically dangerous places in Mississippi, you’ll find the following article insightful.

So, did you know about “naughty Natchez” or its reputation as one of the most dangerous places in Mississippi? Heard other tales about its sordid history? Tell us!

This historic district in Mississippi isn’t the only place you can revisit the past. There are lots of places to soak up history in Mississippi, including the nearly abandoned village of Nitta Yuma.

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Most Dangerous District In Mississippi

How has Mississippi changed over the years?

Many once-thriving small towns are now considered to be ghost towns.

Natchez Under-the-Hill isn’t the only area in Mississippi that has changed drastically over the years. There are several others, including Rodney. Now the state’s most infamous ghost town, Rodney, which is located in Jefferson County, was once a thriving community – complete with dozens of banks, stores, and two newspapers. The changing course of the Mississippi River combined with a couple of severe fires and two yellow fever epidemics led to Rodney’s demise. Today, all that’s left of Rodney is a few dilapidated buildings. Not surprisingly, the eerily abandoned town has attracted countless visitors over the years.

Rocky Springs is another famous Mississippi ghost town that’s changed greatly over the years. Located near Port Gibson, just off the Natchez Trace Parkway, the Rocky Springs site includes a church, cemetery, other abandoned remnants, and informative signage. A trail winds through the former town, making it easy to explore the grounds and learn all about Rocky Springs.

What are the most beautiful places in Mississippi?

Some of the most beautiful places in Mississippi include:

  • Windsor Ruins
  • Doyle Arm
  • Cypress Swamp
  • Dunn's Falls


Sometimes, the most historic places in Mississippi are also among the most beautiful places in Mississippi. That’s certainly the case with Windsor Ruins. The site, which contains the remains of the largest antebellum Greek Revival-style mansion ever built in the state, has topped numerous “best of” lists and is often revered as one of the state’s most stunning sites. The ruins consist of just 29 columns; however, they’re accompanied by a photo and informative signage to help paint a vivid picture of the opulent structure that once stood on the grounds. Located just off the Natchez Trace Parkway in Port Gibson, the Windsor Ruins are free to visit and open to the public during daylight hours.

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