A Tiny Hole-In-The-Wall, Bully’s Restaurant In Mississippi Is Known Nationwide For Its Down-Home Soul Food

Housed in a small, modest brick building, Bully’s Restaurant doesn’t look like your typical renowned restaurant. However, great eateries come in all shapes and sizes – and Bully’s Restaurant can definitely attest to that. It’s been doling out its down-home soul food for decades.

For more information, call Bully’s Restaurant at (601) 362-0484. And remember to like Bully’s Restaurant on Facebook to stay in the know on specials, hours, and more.

So, did you know about this popular Mississippi restaurant? Ever dined at Bully’s? If so, what’d you eat? How was it? Tell us!

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Address: Bully's Soul Food Restaurant, 3118 Livingston Rd, Jackson, MS 39213, USA