This Tiny Café And Store In Mississippi Is Hidden In The Piney Woods And Has Everything Your Heart Desires

There are lots of unique restaurants in Mississippi. You won’t have a hard time finding charming gift shops in Mississippi, either. However, there’s actually a place that’s both – and it’s The Humble Place. Between the menu and the merchandise, the restaurant-store combo has everything your heart desires.

Did you know about this café and store in Mississippi? Have you ever been to The Humble Place? If so, did you shop, dine, or both? How was it? Know of another restaurant in Mississippi that’s more than just a great place to dine? Whatever it is, tell us!

The Humble Place isn’t the only place in the Magnolia State where you can shop AND dine. There are several others, including this tiny village of shops in Mississippi.

Address: The Humble Place, 79 MS-590, Ellisville, MS 39437, USA