Discover 18 of the best hikes in Mississippi, showcasing the state’s top-rated hiking trails to explore in 2023. From scenic vistas to tranquil waterfalls, these trails offer a range of experiences for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. Whether you seek a challenging venture or an easy hike through the wilderness, Mississippi’s hiking trails have something to offer for everyone. So grab your gear and get ready to take on a fun trek through the beautiful landscapes of The Magnolia State.

Best Hikes in Mississippi

The best hikes in Mississippi include Clark Creek Primitive Trail, Clark Creek Trail to Waterfall Trail, and Clark Creek Improved Trail. Experience stunning waterfalls, beautiful scenery, and well-maintained trails for an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

Best Short & Easy Hikes in Mississippi

Are you searching for a quick and relaxing hike? For some great options, take a look at Bear Creek Outcropping Trail, Fontainebleau Nature Trail, and CCC Camp Trail. Enjoy pretty views, wildlife sightings, and trails perfect for all skill levels. These trails offer a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature if you’re short on time.

Hardest Hikes in Mississippi

Mississippi offers some challenging hikes for avid hikers. Three of the hardest hikes in Mississippi are the Witch Dance Horse Trail, Brushy Creek Waterfall, and Tuxachanie Trail: HWY 49 to Airey Lake. These trails offer a unique and exciting experience that will test your endurance and hiking skills. However, the views and natural beauty are worth the effort.

Best Waterfront Hikes in Mississippi

Mississippi offers some of the best waterfront hikes in the country. The Bonita Lakes Trail is a popular choice with its excellent views of the lake. The Chisha Foka Multi-Use Trail is another great option, offering a mix of forest and waterfront scenery. And for those who crave a challenge, the Saddleback Ridge and Flatrock Trail is a must-try with its steep climbs and rewarding views.

Best Winter Hikes in Mississippi

If you’re looking for some great winter hikes in Mississippi, be sure to check out the Oscar Trail, McLeod State Park Nature Trail, and Confederate Siege Lines Trail. These trails offer an excellent opportunity to explore the winter landscape of Mississippi during the chilly season.

Best Hikes near Jackson

Looking for the best hikes near Jackson? Check out Lefleurs Bluff Purple and Red Trail, Buddy Butts Park Loop, and Parham Bridges Loop. These trails offer a variety of views, from lush woodlands to lovely park loops, providing enjoyable times for hikers of all levels.

Have you had the chance to explore any of the hiking trails in Mississippi? If so, do you think any stand out as the best for Mississippi hiking? We’re curious to hear your thoughts on the best hiking trails in Mississippi, so share your recommendations with us!

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The Best Hikes In Mississippi

Does Mississippi have good hiking trails?

Mississippi's best hiking trails include:

  • Natchez Trace Parkway via Old Town Overlook
  • Natchez Trace: Blackland Prairie Trail Section
  • Longleaf Trace Trail
  • Gulf Islands National Seashore: Davis Bayou Area


What are the best months to hike in Mississippi?

The beauty of hiking in Mississippi is that it can be enjoyed year-round thanks to the generally temperate weather. While it's most popular during the spring and summer months, there's never a bad time to hit the trails and explore the great outdoors. No matter when or where you decide to go, you're sure to have an excellent time.

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