This One Easy Hike In Mississippi Will Lead You Someplace Unforgettable

Tishomingo State Park’s CCC Camp Trail follows rocky outcrops and crosses pristine springs, streams, and even waterfalls before coming to an end at the notorious Swinging Bridge. And at just 3 miles, it’s likely the best easy hike in Mississippi.

So, are you ready to give the best easy hike in Mississippi a try?

Address: 105 County Road 90, Tishomingo, MS, 38873

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Best Easy Hike In Mississippi

June 30, 2019

What are the best hiking trails in Mississippi?

Mississippi is full of natural beauty, and a great way to see that beauty is by going on a hike. Fortunately, there are amazing trails scattered throughout the Magnolia State. The Outcroppings Trail, which is located in Tishomingo State Park, is continuously referred to as one of the best hikes in the entire state. And with a swinging bridge, rare rock formations, and breathtaking scenery, it’s easy to see why the trail is so popular.

Does Mississippi have any backpacking trails?

Thanks to backpacking trails, you can easily turn your day of hiking into an overnight adventure. And while we may not have any technical backpacking trails in Mississippi, we’ve got plenty that offer access to camping, which is virtually the same thing. The Tuxachanie Trail is a prime example. Located within the DeSoto National Forest, it’s a 12-mile out and back trail. The route includes plenty of beautiful views before coming to an end at an abandoned POW camp from WWII. The best part is that primitive campsites are permitted within 100′ of the trail, making for the perfect backpacking adventure.

What are the best waterfall hikes in Mississippi?

We may not have a lot of waterfalls in Mississippi, but we do have a few. Even better, we have several trails that lead straight to them. The improved trail at Clark Creek Nature Area is a must-do for hikers hoping to spot a few falls – and that’s because the trail leads to five of them! Sure to impress, the waterfalls range in height from 10′ to more than 30′. Another great waterfall hike can be found in Dunn’s Water Park. Short and sweet, the Dunn’s Falls Trail starts off at the top of the state’s tallest waterfall, offering some great views. The trail then continues down a set of stairs, leading straight to the base of the waterfall.

What is the best time of year to go hiking in Mississippi?

The best time of year to go hiking in Mississippi is virtually any time except summer. Summertime in Mississippi normally means extremely high temperatures, which are definitely not suitable for long treks in secluded locales. However, spring, fall, and even winter bring great weather to the Magnolia State, making for more comfortable (and safer) hiking conditions.