Hike At Buddy Butts Park Loop, Then Stop At Fenian’s Pub For A World Famous Shepherd’s Pie In Jackson, Mississippi

Grab your gear and let’s get ready for fun. First, we’re taking a walk through the woods, and then we’re off for a shepherd’s pie and maybe (probably) a pint. Plus there are desserts for the lads and lasses and good times for all. There’s only so much time in a day so let’s leg it!

The first stop is Buddy Butts Park Loop in Jackson, Mississippi. The name of this park may tempt the young ones to crack some silly jokes. It’s encouraged. This article endorses attempts at humor. 

You might be curious about the land you’re walking on. This is a park with some history, so let’s start with some interesting tidbits.

If you are curious about the Mississippi River Basin Model, this website is great. 
Be sure to check out Fenian’s Pub menu. They also have an active Facebook page.
Your clan will be glad you made good use of the daylight. Let us know when you indulge and how much fun you had.


Address: Buddy Butts Park, 6180 McRaven Rd, Jackson, MS 39209, USA
Address: Fenian's Pub, 901 E Fortification St, Jackson, MS 39202, USA