A Secret Door Will Take You To An Underground Restaurant In Mississippi That Was Built In The 1800s

Step back in time to the world of speakeasies with a visit to The Gallows Bar in Mississippi, a basement-based eatery nestled in one of the state’s oldest buildings. And just like a genuine speakeasy, it’s somewhat hidden, which means you have to know where to look for it.


So, did you know about The Gallows at Genna Benna’s? Ever visited? If so, what’d you think of the setting? What about the fare? We want to hear all about your experience.

This isn’t the state’s only historic underground restaurant. There’s also the Julep Room in Ocean Springs. During its heyday, the underground lounge was no stranger to celebrities, including Billie Holiday and Elvis Presley.

Address: The Gallows Bar, 104 Black St, Brandon, MS 39042, USA