It’s been said that truth is stranger than fiction. If you didn’t believe that before, you will after reading about these eight unsolved mysteries in Mississippi, which have taken place throughout the years.

These unsolved mysteries in Mississippi are definitely fascinating, to say the least. Know of any other unsolved mysteries in Mississippi? Or were you exceptionally intrigued by one of these? Be sure to share your thoughts/comments.

Creepy stories from Mississippi are just as plentiful as unsolved mysteries in Mississippi. Click here for a route that leads to some of the state’s creepiest spots.

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Unsolved Mysteries In Mississippi

What are some other creepy stories from Mississippi?

The Magnolia State is shrouded in legend and lore, so there are plenty of creepy stories from Mississippi. One such story involves McRaven in Vicksburg. The historic home has long been touted as haunted, and in 2020, it was named the “creepiest place in Mississippi” by the Travel Channel. But this isn’t the first time the historic home has been in the spotlight. In the past, it’s been highlighted by National Geographic, 48 Hours, a couple of documentaries, several podcasts, and more. Additionally, it’s been dubbed the “third most haunted house in America.”

Does the history of Mississippi include any other baffling tales?

To this day, the Lady in Red remains one of the state’s most interesting – and baffling – tales. It all began in 1969, when a coffin was discovered on the Egypt Plantation in Cruger, MS. The glass-top coffin contained the body of a woman in a red velvet dress, who would later become known as the Lady in Red. Since the grave was unmarked, the identity of the Lady in Red is a mystery. Her date of birth is also unknown; however, based on her clothing and the type of coffin, it’s estimated that she was born around 1835.

Who’s a notorious criminal from Mississippi’s past?

Some would say Stuckey is one of the most notorious characters from Mississippi’s past. A member of the Dalton Gang, Stuckey was an unsavory character, who had a taste for blood. As the story goes, Stuckey opened an inn near the Chunky River. The location was specifically selected, as Stuckey believed it would appeal to those traveling the river. Once his guests turned in for the night, the sinister innkeeper would rob and murder his guests. Stuckey would then toss his victims’ bodies into the river. Eventually, Stuckey was found out and hung from a bridge that spans the Chunky River. According to legend, Stuckey’s ghost haunts the bridge to this day.