The Whistling Bird, A Tiki-Themed Restaurant Tucked Away On Minnesota’s Iron Range, Will Give You A Taste Of Island Life

Minnesota is about as far from the Caribbean as you can get. But that doesn’t mean our state isn’t full of island flavors! In fact, you can find Caribbean-style restaurants even in the most unexpected places. Northern Minnesota’s Iron Range happens to be home to one of the tastiest such spots in the entire state. Tucked away in a tiny town on Minnesota’s Iron Range, The Whistling Bird is a colorful restaurant full of island flavor. Read on below to learn more about this unique spot:

The Whistling Bird is one of the most unique restaurants in Minnesota. Though it’s tucked away in a tiny town on the Iron Range, it’s full of color, flavor, and island vibes. For more information about the restaurant, including hours, menus, and takeout options, visit their website and Facebook page.

Address: The Whistling Bird, 101 Broadway, Gilbert, MN 55741, USA