With A Sandy Swimming Beach, Historic Buildings, And Unique Bridge Views, Minnesota’s Old Mill State Park Is A Hidden Treasure

Here in Minnesota, certain areas of the state get all the attention. The northeast is home to the North Shore, where many of the state’s most popular parks draw visitors from all around. And the south is not only home to the busy Twin Cities, but to many excellent parks as well. But other regions have plenty to offer as well, including Minnesota’s northwestern corner. Here, among other things, you’ll find the little-known Old Mill State Park. With its sandy beach, historic buildings, and unique views, it is a Minnesota hidden treasure. Take a look:

Old Mill State Park is a hidden gem in northwestern Minnesota and a great place to have some summer fun! Have you ever been there? Let us know what you think of it in the comments! And if you know of any other little-known attractions in Minnesota, let us know by nominating it.

Address: Old Mill State Park, 33489 240th Ave NW, Argyle, MN 56713, USA