Spectacular Views Of Two Secret Lakes Hidden By A Forest Await Those Who Hike Bean and Bear Lake Loop In Minnesota

Minnesota is filled with a seemingly endless collection of nature trails. They’re in every corner of the state, and they lead to towering cliffs, rushing waterfalls, and many of the state’s other natural wonders. Northern Minnesota is especially full of excellent trails, many of them cutting through the region’s acre upon acre of forested wilderness. While there are many trails that deserve to be highlighted, today we’d like to introduce the Bean and Bear Lake Loop trail. Along it, you’ll find incredible views of two lakes hidden by a forest. Read on below to learn more:

Have you hiked the Bean and Bear Lake Loop? Do you have any other favorite hiking trails in Minnesota? Let us know in the comments above! And if you’re looking for a similar – but shorter – trail, check out our past article on the Oberg Mountain Loop.

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