This Rare Footage Of A Detroit Amusement Park Will Have You Longing For The Good Old Days

As summer inches closer here in the Motor City, fond childhood memories of warm weather getaways gradually begin to surface. If you grew up in or around Detroit, there are some locales that will always retain a sense of pure nostalgia: Tiger Stadium, Boblo Island, Belle Isle Aquarium – the list continues. But there’s nothing more delightful than looking back on a long-lost locale that once provided Detroiters with endless fun and a contagious sense of childlike glee.

Edgewater Park, originally opened in 1927, sat at Seven Mile and Grand River on Detroit’s west side. This beloved amusement park was a longtime fixture for residents of the Motor City, many of whom couldn’t seem to get enough of the whimsy and excitement that made Edgewater such a popular destination. Generations of Detroiters flocked to Edgewater Park when spring and summer days rolled around, and many viewed the park as a cheap way to escape the difficult realities of everyday life. This was particularly true during the Great Depression and the World War II era, when finances were tight and the world seemed to exist in a perpetual state of anxiety.

This thrilling park closed its doors for good in 1981, but not before providing visitors with decades of fun. Longtime Detroiters will remember exploring the Hall of Mirrors, which made for endless fun with its silly distortions. Perhaps you and your sweetheart took a spin on the ferris wheel, or maybe you enjoyed a coney dog or two from the on-site concession stands. Above all else, many park-goers will recall hair-raising rides on the Big Beast wooden roller coaster, which provided countless thrills throughout the years.

If all this talk of Edgewater Park has sent you into a nostalgic funk, never fear: the video below, posted by YouTube user swampfoxer, will take you on a virtual journey back in time to this unforgettable spot. Watch as the Big Beast operates once again before checking out a clip of the “Turbo” ride. Hold on tight!

Is your stomach churning all over again? If this long-lost footage stirred up a few memories of Edgewater Park, we want to hear from you! Which rides were your absolute favorites? Did you have any special experiences at Edgewater? Share your thoughts and recollections in the comment section below!