Abandoned sites are hauntingly beautiful. There’s nothing quite as chilling as looking up at a once-grand building and imagining its bustling heyday as it sits in ruin, overtaken by wayward plants and graffiti. Michigan is home to some incredible abandoned places, some of which are more haunting than others. If you’re an urban explorer or simply curious about some of our state’s long-defunct sites, here’s a tour that will fascinate you. Some of these abandoned places in Michigan are still standing, while others have been torn down to make way for something else. But either way, you can still at least drive by and wonder about the stories that originated from some of the creepiest places in Michigan.

If you choose to visit any of these abandoned places in Michigan, enter at your own risk. Use caution and be aware of trespassing laws. If you have any amazing photos from your explorations of abandoned Michigan buildings, share them on our page!

Are you fascinated by abandoned places in Michigan? Are there any unusual spots in your hometown? We’d love to hear about them in the comments. And if you’d like to learn more about one of the creepiest places in MI, this spooky ghost town in Michigan is probably right up your alley!


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Abandoned Places in Michigan

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