When it comes to abandoned places in Michigan, it’s no surprise that Detroit takes the trophy. After all, the challenging history of the Motor City means that some 70,000 properties are vacant and in various states of decay throughout the area. The crumbling, burnt-out buildings intrigue artists and draw in photographers worldwide who wish to venture into these gutted landmarks. But while Detroit might have the most creepy, abandoned places in Michigan, it’s certainly not alone – and ruins are not confined only to the big city. They can be found in abandoned mining towns, rural areas, historic bridges, and elsewhere. In fact, their stories are not all tragic. Here’s a rundown of abandoned places in Michigan that are slowly returning to nature.

Please note that many of these abandoned places are off-limits to visitors. We do not encourage trespassing to see these sites for yourself, so please appreciate these unique views via photographs and official documentation efforts.

Now that you’ve checked out some of the most fascinating abandoned places in Michigan, we’d like to hear from you: are there any spooky or abandoned spots in your neck of the woods? Share your own local legends with us by leaving a Facebook comment or recommend another historic place in Michigan to feature by completing our official nomination form.

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Are there any other abandoned places in Michigan?

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Does Michigan have any other abandoned asylums?

You were likely intrigued by reading about the Northville Psychiatric Hospital in our article above. While this spot is now demolished, there's another former mental health institution that's still partially standing: Eloise. If you'd like to learn more about Eloise, which is made up of both ruins and still-functional spaces, check out our piece about a great ghost hunt in Michigan. You might just be able to step inside for some in-person paranormal investigation.

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