Turkeys Are Taking Over A Major Massachusetts City And Nobody Knows What To Do

Boston is under attack by fowl invaders, and there isn’t much that officials can do about it.

Wild turkeys have been strutting the streets and gobbling aggressively at pedestrians for weeks now. The large birds have been spotted crossing traffic, rushing at pets and people and even trying to shoulder their way into office buildings. The animals seem to have no fear of Boston residents, and are even attempting to “dominate or attack people that they view as subordinates.”

Boston turkeys have also been creating problems by rushing and attacking shiny things. Everything from motorcycle mirrors to hubcaps and even public sculptures have been the victims of this fowl aggression. The theory is that they’re actually trying to attack their own reflections.

This isn’t the first time that turkeys have made the news in Massachusetts. In March 2017, the internet lost its mind over a video of a group of turkeys slowly circling a dead cat in Boston. The bold creatures have also been seen to form a gang in Foxborough and invade Harvard University en masse.

So what’s the deal with these plucky birds? The Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife reports that March through May is breeding season for wild turkeys. This means that they are actively seeking mates and may lose their inhibitions in that quest. In many cases, this has led amorous turkeys to “completely ignore the presence of people” as they search for that one special bird.

Check out this recent video of a turkey attempting to navigate rush hour in Boston.

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