A Bacon-Themed Restaurant In Massachusetts, The Hangover Pub Is Deliciously Dreamy

The Hangover Pub in Worcester is the state’s first “bacon gastropub,” and it offers a menu where almost everything is covered in bacon. From the savory to the sweet, you’ll find the tasty strips of smoked meat across the menu here. Sound like paradise? Read on to learn more about this quirky and unique bacon-themed restaurant in Massachusetts.

The Hangover Pub is truly a special spot for meat-lovers in Massachusetts. If you’re looking for more information about The Hangover Pub, like hours of operation and more menu options, check out the website or Facebook Page. For more amazing spots to grab a bite, check out our list of the ten best restaurants with amazing outdoor patios.

Address: The Hangover Pub, 102 Green St, Worcester, MA 01604, USA
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Bacon-Themed Restaurant In Massachusetts

February 10, 2020

Where should I go for the best bacon in Massachusetts?

While some visitors to The Hangover Pub may think that this is the best bacon in Massachusetts, there are still plenty of other options to consider, too. Just because it isn’t a themed restaurant filled with bacon doesn’t mean that it isn’t delicious. For example, there is a bacon-truck that is pretty much a staple within the community of Boston called…you guessed it, The Bacon Truck! It is suggested that you order up their signature breakfast burrito, which is filled with pork carnitas, bacon, tater tots, cheddar cheese, corn salsa, avocado, and more.

Are there other themed restaurants in Massachusetts?

There are other themed-restaurants in Massachusetts you should consider beyond just The Hangover Pub. For example, Miracle of Science Bar & Grill is all about science, meanwhile, Castle Restaurant in Leicester has a medieval-theme and an exterior covered in giant stone tile. The Student Prince is another restaurant that is all about the German-style food and drink and has been since 1935. Check out more information about themed restaurants in Massachusetts.

What are the best comfort food restaurants in Massachusetts?

If you’re looking for some hearty, quality food that is comforting in the state then we have a few options to check out. Each comfort food restaurant in Massachusetts will have its own reason for being comforting, depending on, of course, the patron. Maybe you find comfort food in warmth and carbs, or maybe you find comfort in a bowl of clam chowder—don’t worry Massachusetts has it all. For example, this Southern food restaurant in Massachusetts serves delicious home-style eats. Or this quirky chicken and waffles spot will have stick-to-your-ribs cuisine.

Address: The Hangover Pub, 102 Green St, Worcester, MA 01604, USA