There are dozens of places that are abandoned in Maryland, but not many people know the history behind them. While most forgotten abodes become uninhabited due to financial troubles or natural dilapidation, others have more disturbing pasts. This particular abandoned home in Maryland has a tale so horrifying that it may have left an evil presence looming over the property – if not, well, the whole county. This abandoned house in Maryland is a place of evil and suffering, and the tale will send chills down your spine.


This potentially haunted, abandoned place in Maryland is a chilling part of Maryland history that some would rather forget. If you think this story is gruesome, imagine what it would be like to walk through the home where this infamous murder happened. That’s exactly what urban explorer Dan Bell did. The following video shows the severely-weathered structure that was once home to unhinged murderer Stephen Craig Johnson.

This isn’t like any other abandoned footage you’ve seen. The longer you watch the video, the more frightening it becomes. It’s evident that the murder house is still filled with eerie remnants, both dead and alive.

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