The Oldest Restaurant In Maine Has A Truly Incredible History

The only thing I like better than the Maine coast is the Maine dining scene. From seafood to fun food, there’s not much you CAN’T get here. With a strong culinary scene throughout the state (not just in Portland, as is a common misconception,) it’s no wonder that new restaurants are opening to meet the demand of what we’ve come to expect.

But, how do we reconcile our past with all this “new?” Maine is rich in state history – from early battles to devastating fires, to logging, blueberries and textiles, we have a lot to remember. There is a fear among some that new restaurants, shops, roadways and people will ruin our heritage. And while in some places and cases that might be a real threat, it’s heartening to see Maine retain its historical flavor.

It’s even more wonderful when there’s a true coming together of our past and our future. Nothing is more evident of that trend than Biddeford’s Palace Diner.