This Off The Radar Place Might Be The Most Gorgeous In Maine

Over the years, we’ve told you a lot about Acadia. As Maine’s only National Park, it holds an extra special place in the hearts of Mainers. But, it also holds an extra special place in the hearts of just about everyone who visits. That’s why finding the off-the-beaten path spots is even more important. Raven’s Nest Maine is one of those places and today we’re telling you all about it!

This beautiful spot was also captured perfectly in video by Anura Guruge:

We think Raven’s Nest Maine is a hidden gem that is off the beaten path but very much worth the trip. For another slightly more hidden spot in Acadia, There is a wonderful beach with rocks that hold a special secret when the waves hit! Also, check out The Sunsets At This Peninsula In Maine Are Worth Staying Up For, to get another great idea for your time in Raven’s Nest Maine.

Address: Ravens Nest, Winter Harbor, ME 04693, USA
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Raven's Nest Maine

June 23, 2022

Is Raven’s Nest part of Acadia?

Yes, Raven’s Nest is part of Acadia National Park. However, it is not located on Mount Desert Island but it is located on a peninsula on the mainland. If you travel up Route 3 from Mount Desert Island back to the mainland you will want to go on Route 204, then Route 1, Route 1 will take you all the way to ME-186, Which is when you will be on the Schoodic Peninsula, You will head south towards the Moore Rd/Schoodic Loop Rd where you will follow the loop until you arrive at Raven’s Nest. If it’s more helpful you can put this address into your GPS too, Ravens Nest, Winter Harbor, ME 04693.

What are some other great things to do in Acadia?

Visiting Acadia is filled with a plethora of great locations and hikes. Some of the most popular are Cadillac Mountain, Jordan Pond, and Thunder Hole. If you would like to drive up Cadillac Mountain then you would know that you will now need a ticket in advance. This was all part of the effort to limit the traffic up and down the mountain during peak times like sunrise. We highly suggest driving up and taking in the views from the amazing summit. Jordan Pond is another great one to visit, but we would suggest you arrive early because the parking lot will fill up quickly. As for Thunder Hole, the best time to visit is one to two hours before high tide. Make sure to check the tide charts before you go to catch the waves making their thunderous and violent impact on the rocks.

Address: Ravens Nest, Winter Harbor, ME 04693, USA