Here’s How Much Money You Need To Make To Live Comfortably In Maine

Like everywhere else in America, and across the world, there is both good and bad news when it comes to Maine’s cost of living, salaries, and affordability. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to live comfortably in Maine, we have the numbers for you as compared with the rest of the country, but just a warning: you might not like it.

Tell us, do you think you live comfortably in Maine? Is the cost of living in Maine a challenge for you and your family? Share your opinions in the comment section, then remind yourself of what makes Maine the best state in America.

Address: Maine, USA

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Can you afford to live in Maine?

January 10, 2023

Is it expensive to live in ME?

Whether or not you decide it is expensive to live in Maine depends on what you are using as a basis for comparison. In many studies, the cost of living in Maine is often in the top ten most expensive states. Fortunately, housing costs are relatively low, but other expenses, like utilities, are high. With many residents spending upwards of 90 percent of their income on all expenses, it is certainly quite expensive to live in Maine.

What salary is needed to live in Maine?

There is a big difference between the salary needed to live in Maine, and the salary needed to live comfortably. For a single person living in Maine, you might be able to get by with a salary in the low $31,000 range. A family of four might be closer to $68,000. However, to live comfortably, one might need to add an additional 10-20 percent to that total.

What are the most affordable places in Maine to live?

While the cost of living in Maine is relatively high compared to many parts of the country, there are some affordable towns to live in. Finding a nice place to live that is also affordable is a challenge anywhere you want to live. This list of affordable places in Maine might help you decide which town to call home:

  • Gorham, Cumberland County
  • Augusta, Kennebec County
  • Topsham, Sagadahoc County
  • Auburn, Androscoggin County
  • Skowhegan, Somerset County
  • Winslow, Kennebec County
  • Brewer, Penobscot County
  • Presque Isle, Aroostook County
  • Gardiner, Kennebec County
  • Caribou, Aroostook County


Be sure to read more about these charming yet affordable towns in Maine. Then take a little trip to see them in person.

Address: Maine, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.