Few things feel more like home than Maine’s lighthouses. They are the lights that guide us home, both literally and figuratively. For those who are only visitors to Maine, the lights represent happy memories and, for over a hundred years, they’ve been a beacon of home for sailors. But, they’re also incredibly beautiful. In honor of the state’s beautiful history, we’ll be taking you on a lighthouse road trip in Maine, folks. There’s no better way to see the state!

The sight of a lighthouse standing strong over the rocky Maine coast reminds us that we’re all pretty lucky to be here! And, we’ve certainly got enough to keep you busy sightseeing! If you want to get in as many as you can, consider taking this awesome road trip to see some of our favorites. Maine has plenty of lights to admire, but these few will get you started! Not great with directions? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with this set of directions and map from Google Maps. Get ready, folks. You’re about to experience a stunning lighthouse road trip in Maine.

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lighthouse road trip in Maine

What is the most famous lighthouse in Maine?

It’s difficult to choose the most famous lighthouse in Maine since the state itself is known for its beautiful, historic structures. One of the most photographed lighthouses is perhaps the Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and locals love Cape Neddick. The Cape Neccick Lighthouse is known as the “Nubble Light,” and remains one of the most popular sights to see in the heart of the northern-reaching state. With more than 60 lighthouses along the jagged coast of the state, the most photographed lighthouse is a difficult call to make. Though there is no clear winner here, both Cape Neddick and the Portland Head Lighthouse lend themselves to a stunning photograph.

Are there any other unique road trips to take in Maine?

There are all sorts of great road trips to take throughout the state of Maine. The state is known for its scenic byways and haunted, out-of-the-way spots to visit, and both tourists and locals have had adventures galore throughout. Make your way to each of Maine’s beautiful, natural waterfalls, or perhaps take a natural wonders road trip from the Desert of Maine to Acadia National Park. You can even visit the “Gems of Route 26” by way of a vehicle, and locals rave about the State Route 27 Scenic Byway. If you’re bored in Maine, friends, you simply aren’t trying.

What else can I do along the coast in Maine?

The coast of Maine offers all sorts of experiences and opportunities. You can choose to swim high up in the mountains or try a juicy lobster at any one of the charming towns along the coast. Go whale watching and hiking, snag a sea kayak, and head to some of the most remote places in Acadia National Park. The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens are beautiful to visit, and Bar Harbor just might be the most charming town next to Kennebunkport. Touring the Maine Coast differs from the southern edge of the state to its northern tip, but each stretch is just as beautiful as the last.