9 Historic Photos That Show Us What It Was Like Living In Maine In The Early 1900s

Hearing about life in Maine back before any of us were here is a great way to understand the state a little bit better. Whether listening to history lessons in school or sitting in rapt attention as our grandparents talked about their lives, we’ve always been fascinated by stories about the state. One of the best ways to get a sense of all that came before is to look at old photos. We’ve gathered a few here that we think do a great job of allowing you to imagine Maine the way she was just after the Great Depression.

Do you have any stories you’ve heard about life back in the 1930s? If you have any you’d be willing to share, go ahead and leave them in the comments so we can all learn more about the state!

If you prefer your history to come in the form of delicious local food, we’ve got something for that too! America’s oldest food truck in The Ocean Roll in Maine and their lobster rolls are a thing of beauty.

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