The Hidden Beach In Maine Will Take You A Million Miles Away From It All

Maine has tons of beaches and an incredible coast line. Maine also has the best National Park in America, if we do say so ourselves. So, what happens when you combine the best park with the most beautiful hidden beach? You get this perfect specimen of a beach day! Check out this lesser known beach in Acadia National Park for something new this summer. And, be sure to follow the directions for a special sound bonus while you’re there!

If a trip to Little Hunters Beach isn’t possible this summer, don’t worry! We found a visit that will calm your stress and tide you over (see what we did there?!) until you CAN make the trip:

Beaches are great, but they can’t be covered in hot fudge sauce and sprinkles. If you prefer your summer days with a little bit more sugar, check out this awesomely sweet ice cream trail in Maine!