The Dinner Baskets At This Maine Restaurant Are So Gigantic They Fall Off The Plate

Crispy and delicious fried seafood and chicken seem like they are done just about everywhere. However, The Red Barn in Augusta really does it best. If you have been then you would quickly agree. The food is outstanding with dinner baskets so big they can hardly be contained in the basket themselves. Each bite makes you want more and when it’s all over you start dreaming of the next time you can get one. The staff is friendly and The Red Barn has been a staple in the capital area for many years. So if you have not been to The Red Barn to try one of their dinner baskets then you need to drive on over and indulge in the most delicious fried seafood and chicken you might possibly ever have.

The Red Barn is filled with delicious fried chicken and seafood baskets that are just waiting for you to munch on. Do yourself a favor, grab a friend and head on over, you will not be disappointed. Don’t forget to visit The Red Barn’s website for times, prices, and planning your next visit. 

For more seafood goodness, check out some of our favorite places to find them throughout Maine. From location to ambiance to menu items, they each offer something different.

Address: The Red Barn, 455 Riverside Dr, Augusta, ME 04330, USA
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Seafood in Maine

July 12, 2022

What are some other places to get great seafood in Maine?

Maine has no shortage of great seafood places in Maine. We could spend a lifetime exploring all of the amazing dining options we have right here in Maine. We have a few suggestions for you to try something a little bit different and something maybe new. If you want to eat lobster or plenty of other fried seafood options then check out the Boothbay Lobster Wharf. You can see the process of catching and cooking lobsters right there on the wharf of a live lobster pound. If you have a free weekend and want to make the most out of it make sure to check out this amazing Lobster and Lighthouse road trip we have all planned out for you. There are tons of great seafood options all along the way. Then of course, if you are in Bar Harbor you will know how important seafood is in the most iconic Ocean town in Maine. As odd as it may sound check out this gas station for some amazing fried chicken as well.

Address: The Red Barn, 455 Riverside Dr, Augusta, ME 04330, USA